Individuals move for a better life and chances. Change is a good thing and can jump-start one’s development. Relocating to another location can be a difficult choice, sometimes even scary. Still, there’s always a bright and sunny side to look forward to.

Why Memphis?

If you are considering Memphis to begin a new life, work, or study, you are definitely on the right track. Memphis is an incredible place to reside in, with rich history, great opportunities, and beautiful neighborhoods. Aside from rock-and-roll, Memphis has more to offer you and your family.

Impressive Housing Market and Low Cost of Living

According to stats, Memphis is one of the U.S. cities with the most affordable cost of living. Regular monthly rent is fairly priced, and properties cost lower than in most other states. Young couples and small households can find homes that cost lower than the national average. Check with this property management company services in Memphis for available properties. 

Great for Startups

In the U.S., Memphis is one of the very best cities to begin an enterprise. The low cost of office spaces, labor costs, no income tax, and various industries make this place more appealing. Plus, the job market is growing, so check it out.

Competitive Schools

Memphis has a list of top-rated schools from primary to high school levels for school-age kids. Likewise, the U of M, or the University of Memphis, was recently ranked amongst the world’s top universities. Fortunately, university students can enjoy reasonable leases on great homes close by. My Rivertown Realty can assist students moving to Memphis.

Amazing Food

There are numerous regional specialties you dare not miss in Memphis. Its cuisine is diverse, and food is divine. However, slow-cooked dry rub bbq ribs most likely set the theme in this city. Do not miss out on trying the lobster pronto pup, portobello sandwich, and soul burger, among others.

Recreation, Events, and Entertainment

Whatever season it is (you will enjoy all four in Memphis, too!), you have limitless outdoor possibilities. Go on bike adventures, see the parks, or go kayaking on the Mississippi. Festivals are also year-round, and these events flood the streets with music, food, and booze.

History and music are likewise a rich and vital part of this city. You can visit Graceland and other significant locations like Beale Street, known for its clubs and restaurants. Museums are likewise rewarding places to go to.


In 2022, Memphis ranked the 9th happiest city in the U.S. and the 4th happiest place to work in. This ranking is most likely due to the fantastic everyday food and music the Memphians experience.

Visiting Memphis

If these do not make you curious about the city, take a tour. There is a long list of must-dos and must-sees in Memphis. And possibly even a longer must-eat list. See what living, working, and studying are like there. Scout around communities, homes for rent in Memphis, and business locations to see what it can give you for a long-term stay.

It is also great to experience this city firsthand. You can examine, weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and decide if Memphis, Tennessee, is for you.


If you are interested in making Memphis your next home, do your homework, particularly if you are raising a family. Read and research, and ask your loved ones who have actually been there. Moving is a life-altering decision, and maybe Memphis can do you great.