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Thanks for visiting my web site and for your interest in my work. I hope you have found something soul nourishing or spirit vitalizing, but if not, I hope that at least it was interesting.

Please note that after years of travelling around the world to teach and lead retreats, I now offer my teaching and mentoring exclusively through CASCADIA LIVING WISDOM SCHOOL. For more information, visit the CASCADIA pages on this website –

Regrettably, I am no longer able to review or endorse book projects or offer assistance with publication aspirations or plans. Nor am I generally able to answer questions or respond to anything you send me by means of the following COMMENT form. However, I do read everything sent through that form.

There are, however, ways in which we can remain in touch. The best way is to sign up for my periodic mailing, Something to Ponder. Also, I am happy to have you join any of my LinkedInTwitter or Facebook networks. Although I am relatively inactive on the first two of these I regularly post quotes from my books on wisdom and soulful living on Facebook

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