Who wouldn’t want a dazzling white smile? When considering your options for achieving this, one method has gained significant attention: the Opalescence Boost In-Office Whitening System. This system is innovative and efficient and promises impeccable results.

A Detailed Look at the Opalescence Boost In-Office Whitening System

How the Opalescence Boost System Works

The Opalescence Boost system is a unique, chemically activated whitening treatment that requires no external heat or light for activation. Its primary ingredients are hydrogen peroxide and potassium nitrate, which, when combined, can penetrate the tooth enamel and dentin to remove underlying stains effectively.

The Benefits of Opalescence Boost System

  • Immediate Results: Unlike many home whitening methods, the Opalescence Boost treatment shows results immediately after the procedure.
  • Professionally Administered: No guesswork involved – dental professionals oversee the entire process, ensuring safety and effectiveness.
  • Safe and Controlled Environment: The application is done in a dental office, reducing the risk of damaging gums or other oral tissues.
  • Sensitivity Control: With elements designed to decrease sensitivity, the procedure is comfortable and manageable for most people.
  • Jacksonville Emergency Dental Whitening Options: Cities like Jacksonville provide numerous emergency dental clinics offering treatments like Opalescence Boost.

What to Expect During the Opalescence Boost Whitening Procedure

Like most oral treatments, the Opalescence Boost whitening procedure is systematic and requires pre-treatment preparations and specific actions during the treatment.

Pre-Treatment Preparations

Before beginning the treatment, a dental health assessment is essential to customize the whitening treatment plan for the respective patient. Initial consultation involves understanding patient requirements and setting realistic expectations.

During the Treatment

  • Dental cleaning: This initial step removes any build-up hindering the whitening process.
  • Application of the Opalescence Boost: Dental professionals apply the gel to each tooth, covering all surfaces.
  • Duration of treatment: The gel stays on the teeth for a specific period, during which it penetrates and removes stains.
  • Tooth Extractions: In some cases, prior tooth extractions may be necessary for overall oral health before undergoing whitening treatment.

Remember, patient safety and health come first – you can get further details here.

Post-Procedure Expectations and Maintenance

Once the procedure is complete, there are some necessary steps to ensure the longevity of your newly whitened smile.

Expected Outcomes of the Opalescence Boost Procedure

Opalescence Boost promises a whiter, brighter smile after just one treatment. The degree of whitening can vary depending on the original color of your teeth and the concentration of the formula used.

Aftercare: Protecting Your Newly Whitened Teeth

  1. Avoiding Food and Drinks That Can Stain Teeth: Certain substances like coffee, tea, or red wine can stain teeth, so it’s wise to avoid this post-treatment.
  2. Appropriate Dental Hygiene Routines: Regular brushing and flossing can help maintain your smile.
  3. Deep Teeth Cleaning: This could be an excellent option to maintain oral hygiene and keep your teeth dazzling after the whitening treatment. You can uncover the benefits of deep teeth cleaning by talking to your dentist or researching credible online sources.
  4. Recommended Follow-up Treatments or Touch-Ups: For best results, your dentist may recommend a touch-up treatment after a few months. This is entirely dependent on your oral health and lifestyle.

Costs and Considerations of Opalescence Boost Whitening System

When considering teeth whitening, the Opalescence Boost In-Office Whitening System is a popular choice. However, before you forge ahead, a necessary part of your decision-making involves understanding the costs and other considerations surrounding this treatment.

Understanding the Costs Associated with Opalescence Boost

The prices for Opalescence Boost can vary, depending on a few essential factors:

  1. Provider’s Location: Geographical location can significantly affect the cost of dental procedures. Practices located in urban areas or regions with a high cost of living might charge more than those in smaller towns or places with a lower cost.
  2. Severity of Discoloration: If your teeth exhibit severe or stubborn stains, achieving your desired results might need multiple or extended treatments, thereby increasing the overall cost.
  3. Number of Treatments: Most patients notice a remarkable change after a single Opalescence Boost treatment. However, your dentist might recommend additional treatments to enhance or sustain the results, influencing the total expense.
  4. Post-Whitening Maintenance: Maintenance items like custom-fit trays or at-home whitening gel can add to your overall expense.

Additional Considerations of the Opalescence Boost System

Cost isn’t the only deciding factor when choosing a teeth whitening system. Here are other considerations that you should take into account before deciding on the Opalescence Boost System:

  • Your Oral Health: Before proceeding with any whitening treatment, your oral health should be assessed. Pre-existing conditions like tooth decay or gum disease might need to be addressed first.
  • Sensitivity Concerns: Teeth whitening treatments can sometimes lead to temporary sensitivity. If you already have sensitive teeth or gums, discuss this with your dentist before the treatment.
  • Realistic Expectations: While teeth whitening can considerably improve your smile, it has limitations. Not all types of discoloration can be addressed with whitening, and the degree of whitening varies from person to person.
  • Your Lifestyle: If your lifestyle involves a lot of staining foods or drinks (like coffee, tea, or wine), smoking, or poor dental hygiene, maintenance might prove challenging, and the whitening results may not last as long.


For those looking to improve their smiles drastically, the Opalescence Boost In-Office Whitening System can be an excellent option. It’s quick, efficient, and delivers results. However, remember to consider your situation, oral health, and professional advice before making your choice. After all, a healthy smile is a beautiful smile.