To have your entire mouth reconstructed could drastically improve your quality of life. Full reconstruction can be an effective long-term solution, improving your smile’s aesthetics or alleviating the pain and discomfort of a serious dental condition. To get your natural teeth back to full health and beauty, you’ll need to undergo a lengthy process that involves multiple dental procedures. If you think a complete mouth reconstruction is the best option for fixing your teeth, you may be asking what occurs next. Full mouth reconstruction details are detailed here in exhaustive detail.

Who is a candidate for a full mouth reconstruction?

When multiple procedures are needed, a patient’s best option may be a full mouth reconstruction. If a person wants to be healthy enough for various surgeries, they need to have good oral health. Before starting any other significant surgery, the dental professional must first treat the patient’s gum disease and give the tissues time to recuperate. Additionally, the patient’s health must permit local anesthetics to be numb to the treatment sites. Your dentist will explain all of these procedures in detail during your consultation.

What are the steps in a full mouth reconstruction?

Following are the stages that make up full mouth reconstruction.

Finding the Best Dentist

It’s important to check into your options before choosing a dentist. Inquire with your dental insurance company about which local dental offices they contract with as a starting point for your quest. Consider the dentist’s education, office location, and patient reviews from sites like the Aesthetic Dentistry of Fairfield homepage while making your choice.


Once you’ve decided on the right dentist for you, consultation is the next most important step. Get to know your dentist on a more personal level and discuss your goals and concerns for improving your smile. Your dentist will scan your teeth and take x-rays, then go through the results with you and recommend a course of action to address any problems they reveal. If your dentist recommends a number of procedures, now is the moment to talk about the best dentures in Fairfield and how much a full mouth reconstruction will cost.

Making a Personalized Treatment Plan

The first step toward a full reconstruction is for your dentist to collect all the necessary information before developing a treatment plan that is unique to you. If you’ve been told you need full mouth reconstruction or are worried you might, it’s important to talk to your dentist, periodontist, and/or oral surgeon about the best dental implants Fairfield CT has available and your worries.


It will take a while to get used to your new bite after having a whole mouth reconstruction, but you should start feeling more comfortable with it within a few days. Patients undergoing complete mouth reconstruction may be unusually sensitive to temperature changes for an extended period of time. The sensitivity of the gums and teeth is extremely common, especially in more severe cases. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to discuss pain relief choices, like over-the-counter medications. Don’t wait any longer than you think is normal before calling your dentist to check if a follow-up appointment is necessary because of the pain or sensitivity.