You may not have noticed it but there is a thread that runs through your life. It weaves through the parts of your story that change but it doesn’t change. In fact, it holds all those parts together. That’s what thread does.

Sometimes it probably feels like nothing holds your life together. But, although it’s often hard to see, the thread holds you in an integral wholeness. It is your deepest truth, your essential self. It is your source and it is your destiny. Ultimately, you can never be separated from it. In fact, your very existence depends on it.

You can, however, fail to notice it. As soon as you do, you feel yourself beginning to unravel. And then you start your desperate attempts to hold yourself together. You try to weave a buffer around you to protect yourself from life. But this seeming protection is an illusion. All it does is make it even harder to be aware of the thread that actually holds you.

Take some time in stillness to notice this thread that weaves you together. You don’t need to grasp it. In fact, you don’t even have to believe in it. Just trust it. Let it hold you. It’s impossible to get lost when you do. Bad things may happen – in fact, they almost certainly will. But, they cannot touch your essential self.

Trust this thread out of which your existence has been woven. Let it hold you. It may look like gossamer but it is, in fact, a cord of the strongest substance in the universe. It is a cord of Love. Or perhaps better I could say it is a chord of Love!

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