Brokenness and Wholeness

This is the second of a 4-part interview of me by Dr. Jackie Stinton – a psychologist and spiritual director who lives in Calgary. Watch for further instalments of this wide-ranging interview to be published here over the course of 2016…. Continue Reading »

The Spiritual Journey, The Human Journey

Someone recently told me that she preferred my earlier books to my recent ones and wondered why I no longer wrote with an explicitly Christian voice. She asked if these changes were due to a shift in my… Continue Reading »

The Glory of Being Fully Alive

One day a spiritual teacher asked his disciples why God made humans.  One of them – an eager young man – answered almost immediately, “That, teacher, is easy.  So we can pray.”  After a brief silence, the teacher… Continue Reading »

Life as a Journey of Becoming

Metaphors are not just for those of a literary inclination.  We all employ metaphors in our speech, but more importantly, we all use those same metaphors to structure our perception and organize our understanding.  Our personal metaphors both… Continue Reading »