Strategic Pastoral Counseling, 2nd Ed

This is a book I was reluctant to write because I have never been either a pastor or a pastoral counselor. However, I have worked with many clergy from a great variety of denominations and countries over the years, supervising some of them on their counseling and offering consultation to others.  It is from this vantage point that I wrote this book, originally published in 1992 and then revised and greatly expanded in the current edition that was released in 2003.

The response to this little book has been both surprising and deeply gratifying – first, that it sold enough that the publisher wanted a revised edition and second, that it continues to sell about as many copies each year as it did in its first and consequently is still in print.  What I find encouraging about steady sales of a book is that it suggests that it continues to meet a need, that fact being verified by Nigerian, Philippine and Korean editions subsequently being published. I am humbled and deeply thankful that what I hear from many, in a number of countries around the world, is that this model serves them well in the uniqueness of their culture.