Life as a Journey of Becoming

Metaphors are not just for those of a literary inclination.  We all employ metaphors in our speech, but more importantly, we all use those same metaphors to structure our perception and organize our understanding.  Our personal metaphors both… Continue Reading »

The Illusion of Separateness

Charles Eisenstein is a spiritual writer and modern day prophet.  His last two books – The Ascent of Humanity: Civilization and the Human Sense of Self, and Sacred Economics: Money, Gift and Community in an Age of Transition… Continue Reading »

Vulnerable, But Not Insignificant

In his controversial new book, Religion for Atheists, Alain de Botton argues that while as an atheist he believes that religion is wrong in its dogma he also believes it has survived because it is right in much… Continue Reading »

Initiative and Consent

The Spirit of God is the engine behind all human becoming.  We might think that we are that engine, but this is far from true. This is why it is more accurate to describe the journey of awakening… Continue Reading »

Conscious Love and Human Awakening

Many things keep us content with our small selves and block us from becoming all we can be. None, however, is more important than the fact that most of us go through life as sleepwalkers and, even after… Continue Reading »

Meditation and Contemplative Prayer: An Interview

Dr. Donald Woodside is a recently retired psychiatrist with whom I worked closely for many years. But more than that, he has been a valued friend and spiritual companion. His spiritual journey draws together Christian faith with Buddhist… Continue Reading »

The Journey of Human Becoming

Being human is a journey of becoming.  Humans are not yet at birth what we have the capacity to be fully become.  Newborns may contain the possibilities for mature personhood but they do not show any of the… Continue Reading »

The Flow of Life

A woman I recently met told me that she had read everything I had ever written. Even assuming that she meant everything that I had published, not written, it was still a bit of a disconcerting thought.  I… Continue Reading »

Love and Awareness

I just returned from a remarkable trip to South Africa and will write about it in a subsequent blog.  For the moment, however, let me simply share some thoughts from a book I read on the trip –… Continue Reading »

Where is God?

I recently heard a wonderful story teller share his art.  His name is Fr. John Shea and he is a theologian who, like Jesus, seems to recognize that stories are the shortest distance between humans and truth. But… Continue Reading »