Presence and Absence: 2

Tolerating absence is, in essence, trusting presence – even when the one who is present to us is not physically present.  Think of the two year old gradually loosening his clinging grasp to the leg of his mother… Continue Reading »

Presence and Absence: 1

I have long been nostalgic about presence. Nothing lingers for me like it. Nothing dissolves the sense of distance between me and another person like it, and nothing makes me feel alive and at one within myself in… Continue Reading »

Pondering Presence: 4

Presence lifts us above the sphere of particularities and separateness into a world of integral wholeness.  It is always is experienced as a unitary whole.  Think, for example, about the experience of sitting on the top of a… Continue Reading »

Pondering Presence: 3

Everything and everyone has presence. Just think of your experience of things and people when you step back of your thoughts about them.  Think, for example, of your home. It communicates something about itself that is there to… Continue Reading »

Pondering Presence: 2

Like all the most precious things in life, presence is ineffable.  It seems to defy simple definition.  But let me say what I mean by the term. By presence I refer to the awakening that calls us into… Continue Reading »

Pondering Presence: 1

Recently I have been thinking a lot about presence.  Current interest in mindfulness bombards us with reminders about the importance of being present.  But presence isn’t something we can turn off and on like a faucet. We are… Continue Reading »

Ancient Spiritual Wisdom

I have always been drawn to the big-picture view of things. If some people climb mountains simply because they are there, I am always pulled toward summits by the promise of an ever expanding vista. There is simply… Continue Reading »

Christ Consciousness & Identity

Many people who speak of personal transformation do so in the context of impactful experiences. But experience in itself is never transformational. It all depends on how we respond to it. While losses, medical crises, spiritual experiences and… Continue Reading »

The Glory of Being Fully Alive

One day a spiritual teacher asked his disciples why God made humans.  One of them – an eager young man – answered almost immediately, “That, teacher, is easy.  So we can pray.”  After a brief silence, the teacher… Continue Reading »

Settling for Too Little

The reasons Christianity has become irrelevant to the spiritual quest of many people in the West are complex.  They begin, however, with the fact that being a good Christian is not the same as being on a spiritual… Continue Reading »