Cascadia – A Living Wisdom Community

Cascadia is an online community of people who seek to live with the wisdom and compassion that flows from an awakened heart and transformed consciousness.

Founded by David G. Benner in 2016 and originally operating under the name, Cascadia Living Wisdom School,  we quickly realized we were much more than a school.  We are a learning and living, wisdom community.  Just a small change in our name but the same focus and program. We are still a small group of people who share the transformational journey and seek to support each other as we learn to live the wisdom we increasingly know.

Any spiritual journey requires companions on the way. But this is even truer for the inner awakening and expansion of consciousness that lies at the core of anything worthy of being called transformation.

The Heart of Our Community

While Cascadia has suggested readings that we discuss and inner work practices that we teach and learn together, the most important thing we do together is share our journey of awakening and transformation with each other.

We take our commitment to each other and to the community seriously as we support each other in our awakenings and encourage each other to trust the Spirit of Wisdom enough to act on the things we are beginning to know.

Real wisdom lies in living, not simply in knowing.

What is Wisdom?

Much more than knowledge or even understanding, wisdom is seeing life through the eyes of an awakened heart and transformed consciousness. In Buddhism this is called enlightenment. In Hinduism it is called liberation. In Christianity it is called acquiring Christ consciousness (or the mind of Christ).

However, regardless of the language we use to describe it the important thing to note is that it involves something significantly more profound than acquiring information. It involves a quantum shift in our inner world that leads to a fundamentally new way of seeing and relating to everything in existence. This is the basis of wisdom and it is the basis of Cascadia.

Wisdom is grounded in a deep awareness of the sacredness and interconnectedness of everything in existence. It is living in alignment with the creative Spirit of Wisdom who inhabits all of creation and is our truest and deepest self. It is learning to participate in the cosmic, whole-making, transformational agenda of the Transcendent One.

Accessing Wisdom

The deepest sources of wisdom are accessed through the ongoing rhythmic flow of contemplation and action. Contemplative practices have a particularly important role in accessing and living wisdom because of the way they open up regions of the heart that are essential if wisdom is to get us as opposed to us simply get it.

No single spiritual tradition has a monopoly on wisdom. This is why we draw wisdom from a number of spiritual, scientific and cultural traditions.

While many of us find our home base in the Christian wisdom tradition, this does not mean that we teach Christian beliefs or that you have to believe anything in particular to participate. The Christian wisdom tradition is not a set of beliefs to be embraced but a transformational path to be walked. It is the mystics who have the most to teach us about walking that path so they provide our point of access to the Christian wisdom tradition.

However, we also work with many other sources of wisdom, additionally drawing on the wisdom of:

  • The Perennial tradition
  • Other faith and spiritual traditions
  • Indigenous spirituality
  • Depth psychology
  • Body wisdom
  • Cosmology, and
  • Eco-spirituality

Learning Together

The uniqueness of Cascadia is the intentional small size of our community. This allows us to focus on mentoring, not simply teaching. It also offers rich opportunities for intimate interaction as we journey and learn together.

Suggested readings are built around the various wisdom traditions upon which we draw although many things that we read, look at or listen to, and discuss together are suggested by members of the community, not simply the mentors.

Our online platform and regular video conferences allow us to discuss these readings and, more importantly, our responses to them. For many of us, this involves a daily interaction. For others, it is less often. But for all of us, our regular engagement with each other is both a commitment and a great joy!

Is Cascadia For You?

  • Have you begun to know the importance of silence?
  • Do you have an established contemplative or meditative practice
  • Are you engaged in some form of ongoing inner work that supports knowing yourself more deeply and living with more authenticity and wholeness?
  • Do you already know something of your solidarity with all humans and with the earth that we share as our home?
  • Is this sense of solidarity with humanity, not just those of your tribe, reflected in ongoing acts of compassionate care for the earth and others?
  • Can you affirm that no one religious or spiritual tradition holds a monopoly on wisdom?
  • Do you sense an inner call to live your way more deeply into wisdom, wholeness and well being – and to do this within the context of active, committed engagement with others?

If the answer to most of these questions is “Yes,” Cascadia sounds like it just could be for you!

If you have not already done so, the next step in exploring whether Cascadia is right for you at this point in time is to read my latest book – Living Wisdom – Second Edition (Revised & Expanded). It’s available as a free PDF download on this website at

And then, check back here again for more information.

Cascadia continues to evolve as a transformational community. As part of that process we are rebuilding this website. Further details of our program and the way to join us in it will be made available soon.
Thank you for your patience.