Cascadia Living Wisdom School

Much more than knowledge or even understanding, wisdom is seeing life through the eyes of an awakened heart and transformed consciousness. Rather than being the result of the accumulation of information, wisdom comes from acquiring a new mind. The Christian name for this new mind is the mind of Christ. Seeing through the mind of Christ is seeing the real, not merely the apparent. This is the basis of wisdom.

Wisdom is grounded in a deep awareness of the sacredness and interconnectedness of everything in existence. It is living in alignment with the creative Spirit of Wisdom who inhabits all of creation and is our truest and deepest self. It is learning to participate in God’s transformational agenda of cosmic whole-making, this being the way in which everything that exists becomes new and whole in Christ.

CASCADIA LIVING WISDOM SCHOOL helps program participants learn to access and live wisdom. Through teaching and mentoring that is built around guided readings, online interaction, and regularly scheduled videoconferences, the program equips participants to:

  • Develop the contours of an evolutionary spirituality that grows out of the awareness that everything has its origins in God and is being drawn toward wholeness in Christ,
  • Acquire discernment of and cooperation with the outflow of Divine Love that is at the very heart of this flow, and
  • Cultivate whole-person wisdom that is lived through contemplative presence, discernment and active engagement with the world and its needs.

If something within your depths resonates to these possibilities, please read on!