I never thought of myself as a writer until I wrote my first book at age 40. I had edited a number of books, finding great satisfaction in helping others get their voices heard on topics that seemed to me to be important, but had never thought that I had enough to say that it warranted adding another book to the millions already published. What changed was not my appraisal of my potential offering but my recognition that communication is not the only reason to write a book.

In my late thirties I found myself in a state of spiritual ennui. My faith seemed irrelevant to my deepest longings and I was beginning to wonder how psychotherapy could best related to such deep longings. I sought out a spiritual director to help me reflect on these things and started writing as a way to ask questions and reflect on potential answers. What I wrote became my first authored book. It was called Psychotherapy and the Spiritual Quest and was the product of my reflection on the relationship between the spiritual and psychological dimensions of human existence. And everything I have written since then has been the result of the same process – written not primarily for communication but discovery.

If you have been reading my books for a while, I think you will already have realized this. But whichever of my books you read, I hope that you will find it helpful in pondering on the issues it addresses. That is my goal – not simply to communicate gems of wisdom but to help you reflect on important issues and find your own inner wisdom. I write to facilitate transformation, not simply to disseminate information.

What follows is far from a comprehensive list of all the books I have written but focuses instead on recent ones that are most closely related to the big issues that are now my central focus – the acquisition and living of wisdom and, spirituality, awakening and transformation.  Click any of these titles for more information about each.

Recent Books That May Be Of Interest

Living Wisdom
Healing Emotional Wounds
Human Being and Becoming
Presence and Encounter
Spirituality and the Awakening Self
Soulful Spirituality
Opening to God
Surrender to Love
The Gift of Being Yourself
Desiring God’s Will
Spiritual Direction and the Care of Souls
Strategic Pastoral Counseling, 2nd Ed.
Sacred Companions
Care of Souls