The Journey of Human Becoming

Being human is a journey of becoming.  Humans are not yet at birth what we have the capacity to be fully become.  Newborns may contain the possibilities for mature personhood but they do not show any of the… Continue Reading »

The Flow of Life

A woman I recently met told me that she had read everything I had ever written. Even assuming that she meant everything that I had published, not written, it was still a bit of a disconcerting thought.  I… Continue Reading »

Soulless and Soulful Spirituality

Recently it has become fashionable to paint religion and spirituality with quite different brushes – religion being represented as dark and oppressive and spirituality as either benign or potentially life-enhancing.  As usual, reality is more complex.  While religion… Continue Reading »

Reconciliation & Transcendence

I recently had the great privilege serving as a delegate to three days of hearings and dialogue circles organized by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, and occurring in the traditional territories… Continue Reading »

Love and Awareness

I just returned from a remarkable trip to South Africa and will write about it in a subsequent blog.  For the moment, however, let me simply share some thoughts from a book I read on the trip –… Continue Reading »

Prayer & Transformation

Talk of transformation runs the risk of being dismissed as hyperbole.  In terms of personal change, most of us know only the frustrations and extremely modest progress we have experienced in our spiritual and psychological self-improvement projects.  Perhaps… Continue Reading »

Wind and Water

I have just returned from a writing retreat. Rather than go to a cabin in the woods I went across the Atlantic and down the length of the Mediterranean on ship. Day after day I gazed at the… Continue Reading »

Where is God?

I recently heard a wonderful story teller share his art.  His name is Fr. John Shea and he is a theologian who, like Jesus, seems to recognize that stories are the shortest distance between humans and truth. But… Continue Reading »

Talk of God

Karen Armstrong begins her recent, excellent book, The Case for God, by suggesting that we talk too much and too easily about God.  I agree.  People of all three of the great monotheistic religions of our world acknowledge that… Continue Reading »