Poetry, Truth and Wisdom

Often we live on the outskirts of reality, seeing what we assume truly is – but only through our preconceptions and comforting illusions. Wisdom comes from penetrating those illusions and seeing the Real. Poetry has great potential to… Continue Reading »

Beyond Belief

Recently someone contacted me asking if I was the David Benner who was a spiritual teacher. I told her that people sometimes describe me that way but I wondered why she asked. She responded by asking what beliefs… Continue Reading »

Wisdom and Hidden Wholeness

Wisdom is a multi-faceted jewel of inestimable value. It is much more than the ability to make good decisions or avoid foolish ones. In fact, it doesn’t start with what we do at all. Its foundation and starting… Continue Reading »

Knowing Oneness

If I could be granted the fulfillment of one wish it would be that all humans would know their oneness in Christ, and through this, their oneness with everything that exists. Quite possibly other things spring to mind… Continue Reading »

Why Pray

As the firstborn child growing up in a seriously religious home I took my childhood religion seriously – in retrospect, far too seriously. Daily personal prayer was a stable part of my life for several decades until the… Continue Reading »

Detachment and Engagement

Christians sometimes think of detachment as a Buddhist virtue, failing to realize how deeply Christian both the concept and practice are. Jesus’ whole earthly life was one of detachment. It was his non-attachment to his human ambitions and… Continue Reading »

The Gift of Awakening

I wonder if you have noticed how much of life you go through as a sleep walker on autopilot. The central message of spirituality is that we need to stay awake and we need to learn to see…. Continue Reading »

Mystical Vision

I am often asked why I am so drawn to the mystics. Coleman Barks (the widely respected translator of Rumi’s poetry) helps me frame my answer to this question. He describes the goal of Sufism as opening the… Continue Reading »

The Heart of Deep Change

People sometimes smile when I tell them that I work as a transformational coach. I think I understand why the notion of trying to facilitate transformation might seem laughable. If such things as eating less or exercising more… Continue Reading »

Wisdom and the Mind of Christ

Nothing could be more important for not only the future of Christianity but also the future of the world than humans learning to make the mind of Christ their own. This is the ultimate source of the wisdom… Continue Reading »