Settling for Too Little

The reasons Christianity has become irrelevant to the spiritual quest of many people in the West are complex.  They begin, however, with the fact that being a good Christian is not the same as being on a spiritual… Continue Reading »

Toxic Spirituality

It might seem strange to speak of spirituality as toxic.  Perhaps you wonder how spiritual paths that we may think of as unquestionably good – for example, our own spiritual path – could ever become so dangerous as… Continue Reading »

The Shadow Side of Spirituality

As someone who tries to avoid defining myself by who I am not, I am sometimes surprised by my knee-jerk dis-identification with religion.  Usually this occurs when I hear of yet another appalling act being done in the… Continue Reading »

Being Spiritual, Being Human

Sometimes I encounter writers and speakers who describe us as human beings on a spiritual journey.  I think this is true, and have at times used the same language myself.  But I think it is equally true that… Continue Reading »