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Thanks for visiting my web site and for your interest in my work. I hope you have found something soul nourishing or spirit vitalizing, but if not, I hope that at least it was interesting.

Please note that I am no longer able to review or endorse book projects, or offer assistance with publication aspirations or plans. And, after years of travelling around the world to teach and lead retreats, I now offer my teaching and retreats exclusively through CASCADIA LIVING WISDOM SCHOOL where I serve as the Founding Director and Senior Mentor/Teacher. This allows me to interact with program participants in small groups, all teaching being offered in a dialogical context. For more information, visit the CASCADIA pages on this website –

I’d also be happy to have you join my LinkedIn network, this allowing you to participate in a group that I have established there called Facilitating Awakening and Transformation. And, while I now post less regularly on Facebook and Twitter, please also join me there for conversation about what it means to walk the human journey in a deeply spiritual way and the spiritual journey in a deeply human way. I am always happy to welcome new people to any of these networks of connections.

I offer occasional wisdom retreats that are organized by others and if this is of interest, please contact me through the form that follows these comments. And, although I am generally unable to answer personal emails, my assistant passes on to me things you share and is usually available to respond to message directed to me this way.

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