Cascadia: Learning and Living Wisdom

Ultimately, wisdom can only be acquired by living that moves knowledge from our head to our heart, then to our body, and then into our life. Both the awakening of our hearts and learning how to keep them awake lie at the core of this process.

Walking the wisdom path we discover that personal well being cannot be achieved apart from the well being of the larger spheres in which we find our belonging – our families, our communities, our nations, our world and our universe. As we learn to see all of life through God’s eyes, slowly but surely our center of gravity shifts from our mind to our heart, and our consciousness and identity expand. Slowly but surely we move from duality to integrality as we increasingly relate to life not by differentiation and judgement but with compassion for all that share earth as our home. Slowly but surely we are transformed and we become more whole.

The deepest sources of wisdom are accessed through spiritual practices that have become woven into the fabric of daily life. Contemplative practices have a particularly important role in learning to access and live wisdom because of the way in which they open up regions of the heart that are essential if wisdom is to get us as opposed to us simply getting it.

No single spiritual tradition has a monopoly on wisdom. However, wisdom can only be deeply accessed through deeply living one’s own spiritual tradition. Although CASCADIA LIVING WISDOM SCHOOL draws from many traditions, we privilege the wisdom that is contained in Christian theology (particularly Trinitarian Christology and evolutionary theology) and spirituality (particularly the Christian mystical tradition). We also privilege the wisdom that has been preserved and lived by Aboriginal peoples of the world and that continues to be unpacked by depth psychology, cosmology and other fields of modern science.