Cascadia: Application and Fees

Applications for CASCADIA LIVING WISDOM SCHOOL can be submitted anytime after November 1 and before January 31 of each year. All applications must be received by email and will be processed within 30 days of the receipt of a completed application, references, and the Application Fee (see below for details). Admissions are awarded on a rolling basis and, because of our commitment to keep the total group size small, applications are closed as soon as the cohort is full – usually well before the January 31 date. If interested, therefore, be sure to apply ASAP after November 1 as many of those already in the program plan to continue and deferred admissions also usually carry over from the previous year. Please also be sure to carefully review the website information before applying as it is updated each year just prior to the opening of applications.

If you are able, open the Application (Word format), complete the form in a different font or colour, save a copy on your computer and send your completed application as an email attachment to If you are unable to open the Word format, use the PDF format – printing the PDF version of the application, completing it, scanning it, and then attaching and returning it by email.




There are three types of fees:

  • The Application Fee, which should be paid when your application is submitted and must be received prior to any action being taken on it.
  • An annual non-refundable Program Fee,which provides 12 months of access to the ongoing, online interaction with Dr. Benner and other program participants, as well as participation in the ongoing video conferences. Please note that the Program Fee does not include the cost of books and other suggested readings.
  • The Retreat Fee, which covers all food and accommodation expenses but excludes transportation costs.

New applicants hoping to participate in the Residential Program and attend the Fall retreat must pay all 3 fees. New applicants hoping to participate in the Online Program pay only the Application and Program fees. Continuing program participants do not need to apply again and thus pay only the Program Fee and, if they wish to attend the retreat, the Retreat Fee.

Summary of Fees

      New  Applicants    Continuing   Participants
      CAD         USD        CAD          USD
Application Fee       $60        $50
Program Fee       $920       $750       $620       $500
Retreat Fee       $720       $600       $720       $600
TOTAL ONLINE      $980      $800       $620       $500
TOTAL RESIDENTIAL   $1,700      $1,400      $1,340       $1,100

Scholarship funds are sometimes available to help accepted applicants who need assistance with either the Program or Retreat Fee. Please contact the Cascadia office by email if this is your situation, indicating the nature and extend of your financial need.

Retreat and Other Important Dates

The 2018 retreat will be held on September 20 – 23 at St. John’s Convent, Toronto. Additional details will be sent to all enrolled Residential Program participants.

November 1 Applications open
November 1 Continuing Participants – Expressions of intent to continue (and Program choice) due 
November 30 Continuing Participants – 25%  Program Fee deposit due
January 31 Continuing Participants – Balance of Program Fee due
January 31 New Applicants – Application & Program Fees due
February 28 All Retreat Fees due
March 31 Program year ends
April 1 Program year starts

Retreat Fee Cancellation Policy

We recognize that unforeseen circumstances may occur that cause participants to withdraw from planned attendance at a retreat. Since their intensive format makes it difficult to fill vacancies left by last-minute cancellations and since CASCADIA itself faces cancellation fees and non-recoverability of some prepayments, the cancellation policy for Retreat Fees is as follows:

  • 70% Retreat Fee refund for cancellations received 120 or more days before the start of any retreat
  • 50% Retreat Fee refund for cancellations received between 119 and 90 days before the start of any retreat
  • No Retreat Fee refund for cancellations received 90 or less days before the start of any retreat

Payment of Fees

Payments should be made by means of personal checks payable to Dr. David G. Benner in USD or CAD, although Canadians can pay by means of Interac e-Transfers (contact the Cascadia office for details of how to do this.) Checks, in either currency, should be mailed to: Dr. David G. Benner, 3 Stonebank Crescent, Townhouse #12, Nepean, Ontario K2H 9M2, CANADA.

Please be aware that international mail often takes 2 or more weeks to reach Canada. Since due dates for receipt of fees are firm, please ensure that you mail checks not less than 3 weeks before the due date. Continuing participant discounts apply only to payments received by or before the due date.

Payments of the separate fees can be combined but when this is done, please note the separate fees and amounts included in the check total either on the check or in a note attached to it. Receipt of payments will be acknowledged ASAP after they have been received so if you are concerned that your payment might be lost in the mail, please notify the Cascadia office of the date it was mailed and, if at all possible, attach a copy of the check.

More Questions?

Please contact the Cascadia office at