Cascadia Living Wisdom School

CASCADIA LIVING WISDOM SCHOOL helps program participants access and live the wisdom that flows from the mind of Christ. It does this through guided readings that serve as preparation for small group retreats which are supported by ongoing online interaction and periodic video-conferences. Retreats are typically four day in duration and are normally held in or near Toronto (Canada) in September or October of each year. Additional retreats in other locations and times of the year may also be arranged. However, while the retreat forms an integral part of the program, it is elective – this making the non-residential aspects of the program available to those living overseas or unable to travel.

Through readings, teaching, conversation, modeling, and contemplative practices, participants will be equipped to:

  • Live in alignment with the creative Spirit of Wisdom who inhabits all of creation and is our truest and deepest self
  • See through the eyes of an awakened heart and thus become aware of the sacredness and interconnectedness of everything in existence
  • Experience being grounded in the One who creates, sustains, and brings us to fullness of being
  • Develop the contours of an evolutionary spirituality that grows out of the awareness that everything has its origins in God and is being drawn toward wholeness in Christ
  • Acquire discernment for and cooperation with the outflow of Divine Love that is at the very heart of this flow
  • Cultivate whole-person (head, heart and body) attentiveness and wisdom that is lived through presence and discernment
  • Develop a contemplative lifestyle that allows living wisdom to shape all aspects of their life, and
  • Participate in God’s transformational agenda of cosmic whole-making by following their calling to contemplative engagement with the world and its needs.