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Brokenness and Wholeness

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This is the second of a 4-part interview of me by Dr. Jackie Stinton – a psychologist and spiritual director who lives in Calgary. Watch for further instalments of this wide-ranging interview to be published here over the course of 2016…. Continue Reading »

Fully Human

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This is the first of a 4-part interview of me by Dr. Jackie Stinton – a psychologist and spiritual director who lives in Calgary. Watch for further installments of this wide-ranging interview to be published on this website over the… Continue Reading »

Spiritual Alchemy

Feb 20 Spiritual Alchemy

I have long been interested in alchemy – not in the literal efforts to turn base materials into silver or gold but in the way the alchemical quest serves as a metaphor for spiritual transmutation. Taken literally, the… Continue Reading »

Twelve Days of Presence

12 Days Announcement

In case you hadn’t noticed, we are just about to enter a season that people either really hate or really love. Some hate Christmas because they find the hype about peace and joy too nauseating, others because the… Continue Reading »

Stages of the Human Journey

Oct 31-15 Blog

There has been a long tradition across many cultures of dividing the human journey into two broad stages. In the first, our focus is primarily external. This is when we learn to make our way in relation to… Continue Reading »

Culture, Faith and Identity: An Interview

Martin Brokenleg, OSBCn, is one of the wisest people I know. He is a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and practices the culture of his Lakota people. He holds a doctorate in psychology, is a graduate of… Continue Reading »

Mystery and Mysticism

15-9 Mystery and mysticism

Not long ago I had an interesting conversation with someone who told me that she had no tolerance for mysticism because it was based on intellectual laziness. She said that it involved glorifying mystery rather than viewing it… Continue Reading »



Awakening always involves leaving our minds and coming to our senses. Awareness is the dynamic engine that drives this process. Awareness draws us into our bodies, puts us in touch with inner and outer realities, and mobilizes us… Continue Reading »



You may not have noticed it but there is a thread that runs through your life. It weaves through the parts of your story that change but it doesn’t change. In fact, it holds all those parts together…. Continue Reading »

The Spiritual Journey, The Human Journey

15-6 Spiritual journey, human journey

Someone recently told me that she preferred my earlier books to my recent ones and wondered why I no longer wrote with an explicitly Christian voice. She asked if these changes were due to a shift in my… Continue Reading »